Wedding Recap: Pan Pacific Hotel Wedding

This past weekend, Rebecca and Diego were wed in a beautiful ceremony at the Pan Pacific Hotel near downtown Seattle. They have an amazing love story! Rebecca grew up in Canada. Diego grew up in Mexico. They both met abroad in Spain. Since then, their relationship has sent them to many destinations in the world before they moved to Seattle just months ago. They incorporated their love of travel into their wedding theme and it was truly personal and unique! The day was full of love, tradition and suprises!

There are too many lovely details to recap, but here are some of our favorites! Part of their ceremony, which was officiated by the fabulous Annemarie, featured their travel box. Prior to their wedding, they both wrote down destinations they would like to travel in their lifetime on little slips of paper. Each year, they will pull out one slip and it would tell them where they would travel that year! During the ceremony, they pulled the first slip – South Africa! Other surprises in the evening included Rebecca serenading Diego with a beautiful Spanish song that brought everyone to tears, Rebecca’s brother surprising the guests with an amazing hip-hop dance routine and Rebecca’s mom suprising the couple with a fun photo booth!

Here’s some photos from the lovely day!

Guests really enjoyed marking the map with all the destinations they have visited. It’s really a great wedding momento I know they will cherish! I’m sure that Rebecca and Diego will use it to plan their future travels too!

Cheers to Rebecca and Deigo! Happy travels and best wishes!


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