Cicada Bridal Boutique: In the Heart of Downtown Seattle

I went to the open house at Cicada, a bridal boutique, a few weekends ago, and was so excited to learn more about the boutique! Holly of Perfectly Posh Events, told me that it was one of her favorite bridal boutiques she has worked with, so I knew I was in for a treat! I took a left right before Pike Place Market, and strolled a few blocks down to find Cicada. I walked in and was wonderfully greeted, offered a glass of champagne, and begun my tour around the bridal salon!

Tanya Y. Photography|Perfectly Posh Events

Tanya Y. Photography

I have to tell you- I was extremely impressed with what I saw and heard throughout my time there! To my delight, I learned that they make all their beautiful wedding dresses in the store! Each dress is handmade by the owners, Jennifer and Elizabeth. They both have been making wedding dresses for 20 years. They even strive to have a sustainable business! They support local artists in the Seattle area, like jewelry designers. They also save the scraps of the beautiful fabrics they use to send to a local artist who dyes and creates headpieces out of the extra silk and lace! If being made in the United States and sustainability are important to you, Cicada would be a great place to look for your wedding dress.Marla Smith Photography|Perfectly Posh Events

Marla Smith Photography

Plus, they have so many wonderful dresses in many different silhouettes- from A-line to ball gowns, to empire waist, the possibilities are endless! But, if you can’t find a dress you are completely in love with, Cicada is able to make custom changes to any dress in order to make it your dream wedding dress! This is just one of the perks from getting a dress that is made right in the store! And even more exciting, alterations are INCLUDED in the price of the dress!! I was so excited to hear this! Alterations can have a huge price tag, which most brides don’t think about when setting the budget for their dream gown. Alterations can run up to another $1,000 in addition to the price of the wedding dress- so having alterations included can ensure you stay on your wedding dress budget!

The wedding gowns at Cicada run from $1,000 to $3,500 (including alterations!). Cicada has a minimum of a 4-month order time. Champagne appointments (how fun!) are available at Cicada if you schedule ahead. Even more exciting, Cicada wedding gowns will be 25% off starting May 1st!

Marla Smith Photography|Perfectly Posh Events

Marla Smith Photography

During my tour, I was invited in the back room to see where all the wedding dress magic happens! The room was full of patterns, dress forms, and luscious wedding fabrics. I met one the owners and dressmakers, Elizabeth, who was working away on a dress! She was so nice and passionate about her sustainable business- plus she loved making the special dresses for the brides.

Marla Smith Photography|Perfectly Posh Events

Marla Smith Photography

Elizabeth told me this past year they went to the Bridal Show in New York and found so many other sustainable bridal boutiques that make their own dresses around the United States! This sparked a new way of selling their wedding dresses around the country- they swap wedding dresses with other sustainable wedding dress boutiques! This way their dresses can be seen and loved by brides in other places, other than Seattle. Also, the Cicada brides are able to try custom, hand made dresses from other areas of the country as well. Cicada wedding gowns are in Chicago, Sacramento, Denver and Newport, RI, and coming soon to Savannah, GA and Cookeville, TN.

Marla Smith Photography|Perfectly Posh Events

Marla Smith Photography 

When I was at the open house, they were showcasing Miosa Couture, a designer from Sacramento, CA. Miosa Couture dresses tend to be a bit pricier than the normal $1,000-$3,500 range of Cicada, but it gives a chance for brides with more wiggle room on their budget to try something else! The gowns were perfect for brides looking for that Hollywood, glamorous vibe.

Here are some upcoming events at Cicada:

Dame Couture from Chicago, will be at Cicada March 15th and 16th. These dresses are 50’s inspired- perfect for the vintage bride!

Maggie Evans from Denver, with dresses that are artistic and editorial – for the high fashion bride, will be at Cicada in May!

Azzura Photography|Perfectly Posh Events

Azzura Photography

For more information regarding Cicada or to schedule your own appointment, please visit their website!

Tell us about your dream wedding dress- we would love to know!

Here’s to saying “I do!”


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