The Healthy Bride: Getting Brides Healthy and Looking Great!

Looking your best is something that every brides imagines for her wedding day. However, crash dieting and starving your self is an unsafe and bad way of getting there. The Healthy Bride, a fitness studio, especially made for brides, is here to help! Their goal is to make brides healthier and happier with fun workout classes where you can meet other brides and work off that wedding planning stress! Dillon Kreider, owner of The Healthy Bride, answered a few questions about her business and how to get healthy for your wedding day!

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What inspired and motivated you to create The Healthy Bride?

I bought the company from Christi Masi. We went to personal training school together and this was her first fitness business. I took over because I loved the idea and I had an established private training studio to run group classes out of. It was the right move at the right time.

How many months does a bride need to get prepared for her wedding day? How long do the brides in your Healthy Bride program stay with the Bridal Boot Camp?

That always depends on her goals. I recently had a gal sign up who was pretty fit but she needed a month of consistent workouts to get really toned for her big day. I have had women who have wanted to lose weight and inches.  That can take 2-6 months or more depending on how what their goal weight or size is. Brides generally average 3 months with us before the wedding. I find that the women we attract have similar fitness and health goals and 3 months is usually when they really feel that they have accomplished the results that they wanted.

What do you tell your brides to focus on when they first start out the Bridal Boot Camp?

I tell them NOT to focus on the scale. I want our brides to feel good about themselves and obsessing over a number can be stressful. I tell them to notice how their clothes are fitting, how their body feels and looks to them. When women do our classes they become stronger, toned and leaner – sometimes that doesn’t translate on the scale even though they have less body fat. I also do body fat testing to provide more data related to their results.

How many brides attend your Bridal Boot Camp? What are your class sizes?

I have brides coming and going all of the time. Our boot camps are flexible so anyone can get into the program based on their schedule. I want to cater to their needs as much as possible. Our class sizes range from 4-20 people depending on the day and time. I offer 17 classes so there are a lot of options.

What is your most popular class the brides like to take? Do brides use the workout time to not only work out but as a way to connect with other brides?

Most of our brides come to the evening classes after work. They chat before, during and after the workout about all kinds of wedding things. It’s a great place for women to connect, let off some steam if they need to and get in a great workout.

Do you have other workout programs that encourage women even after their married to stay healthy?

Many of our brides have continued to take our classes long after the wedding because they love how they feel and don’t want to lose all of the work they put into getting healthy. Others come back after the first year once the newly married 15 settles on them or after their first baby. They know that we care about them and will help them get their bodies back. I run quite a few challenges and programs throughout the year so there is always something to jump into.

What kind of experiences have you seen with brides who come to your classes? Success stories? 

I have received really nice thank you cards and letters from brides that I have worked with. Above all, I think what they appreciated the most is knowing that we care about them and want to see them successful.  Yes, we make them work hard and they love the results but what they really love is the attention we give them. We do our best to help them with whatever they might need: nutrition help, workouts away from bootcamp, encouragement and a hug when they need it most. We have a strong, vibrant community and everyone is welcome to be part of it.

What is one tip you would give to a bride to get prepared for her big day?

You have to take care of yourself. Weddings, families and planning can be stressful so every bride needs an outlet to take care of herself and have time that is just hers.

We love the stance The Healthy Bride takes getting yourself fit for your wedding day. Love yourself, get healthy, and have an amazing wedding!

For more information on The Healthy Bride go to their website!

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