The SweetSide with Kara Burfeind

Included in our list of wedding must-haves is a gorgeous, delicious cake.  There are many talented cake designers in the Seattle area, but I met with one who showed herself and her company to be welcoming, glamorous and unique.  Kara Burfeind, owner of The SweetSide, answered a few questions about her business and why so many couples love her cakes and sweet bites.

SweetSides|Perfectly Posh Events

1. What’s the history behind how your business got started?

Kara started decorating when she was very young.  “I’ve always known how to decorate”, always baking for friends and family, “but never thought I’d do it professionally.”  Kara went to school and became a reporter but still didn’t have that sense of fulfilment.  So she quit, went back to school, and started the SweetSide in 2010.

2. How would you describe the style of your cakes?

“West Coast clean contemporary. We use minimal design while not making it feel plain.”

3. What would you say is one thing your clients’ love most about your company?

Kara said couples appreciate the one on one sit down where the couple brings inspiration and her team comes up with a design rather than just copying something on Pinterest.  She then mentioned, “You also get cakes and sweet bites in the same location”, which many couple’s favor since that is not always the case.

4. What’s the most popular of your sweet bites and what makes them so delicious?

First, Kara mentioned the French macaroons because “there are so many different colors and flavors” and they’re just “cute and delicious.”  Also, the rice crispy treat pops which carry a bit of nostalgia, plus “who doesn’t love rice crispy treats?!”  And of course, the sweet and salty pretzels provide that hint of saltiness which is a “deviation from so much sugar.”

5. How does your personality shine through your work?

Kara says, “I’m up for anything but stay true to the style of our company.”  If you’re already familiar with them, you’ll know a SweetSide cake when you see one.

6. What tips can you give to someone who is looking for the perfect cake for their wedding?

“First step is know the style of your event” and in regards to that “what you want your cake to say”, ex.: elegant, can’t wait to eat that, etc.  Using inspirational pieces, Kara recommends, like a color swatch or an invitation card, will help them better customize the cake to your wishes.

7. If I were having a wedding what would you say to try to sell me on your bakery?

“I don’t want to have to sell someone on us.  They should feel confident and excited in what we’ve come up with.  If they find something better well, we just want them to be happy.  We’re always sad to see them go, but we love them just the same.”

8. At a time when you were struggling what was something that kept you going to develop your business?

The love and support of her family, Kara says, “has been more than instrumental”.  “I’ve learned how phenomenal our group of professionals is” and the community is “so supportive, so friendly, so giving, [and are] ultimate cheerleaders.”

9. In 10 years where do you hope to see your business?

“I hope to be considered one of Seattle’s top custom cake studios.”  Kara also voiced that she wants to have a community gathering place where people can come just to hang out and eat cake.  She wants people to know who they are and “be excited knowing they can get a custom cake for any occasion.”

10. What is your favorite part of a wedding?

“I love watching the bride walking down the aisle” and seeing the groom’s face, as well as, Kara added, the pride on the man’s face who is walking her down the aisle.

11. How does it feel watching the bride and groom cut into your cake for the first time after you put so much work into making it?

Kara simply replied, “That’s why we made it.”  “It is a design piece but it is for the couple to enjoy so I want them to love cutting into it.”

12. What dessert trends are you anticipating for upcoming wedding seasons?

Kara says she expects “a return to large scale traditional wedding cakes. Sweet bars will be around for a while”, but definitely looking at a comeback of “big, beautiful wedding cakes.”

The SweetSide is wonderful at customizing and creating cakes that you will love for your wedding!  I enjoyed interviewing Kara and wish her nothing but great success.  If you are looking for a baker for you wedding, you should definitely check out The SweetSide!  All this talk about cake makes my mouth water, I might just have to go get some!

Here’s to love, laughter, and happily ever after!


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