Couple Spotlight: Kara + Tanner

It’s an amazing feeling when you know you’re going to marry your best friend. Kara and Tanner are one of the lucky few who get to experience this rare kind of love. When they first met in college, they immediately felt a strong connection however both were in relationships and never shared their feelings toward each other. Finally in 2012, Kara and Tanner reunited and have been inseparable ever since! They really took the time to get to know each other but knew the entire time that they found the one. “The connection and pull towards each other was just too strong for it not to be!”

Kara and Tanner have played around with the thought of marriage and kids but little did Kara know that Tanner would pop the question on Christmas Day! On the morning of Christmas 2013, they were opening presents like every other Christmas before. Except this time was much different. The last gift that Tanner had Kara open was a beautiful red bathrobe. When she put it on, he put a blindfold on her and had her reach in her right pocket. It was a tiny old fashioned music box and when she played it, the wedding march came on. Then she reached into her left pocket and took the blindfold off. There she saw Tanner on one knee with the ring!! Every year, Kara and Tanner add the music box to their Christmas tree as a way to remember their super sweet engagement!

Get to know Kara and Tanner a little more…

How do you and your fiance like to spend your free-time?
Anything outdoor: hiking, snowboarding, camping/backpacking, frisbee, bonfires, boating, fishing. Tanner is an amazing (Jazz) piano player as well as drums and the guitar. Kara is a former ballet dancer and figure skater and still enjoys doing ballet. We both spend a lot of time entertaining friends and family as well as being very involved in each other careers. We also love going to sporting events – especially Seahawks games!!

What has been your inspiration while planning your wedding?
A Jazz club feel and venue.

In your home, how do you normally choose to eat, drink and be merry?
To make dinner together, drink manhattans or gin and tonics, and we love having people over for dinner and hosting events.

Describe your fiance in three adjectives:
Kara: Sweet, passionate, committed
Tanner: Passionate, caring, beautiful

What is the number one most important thing to you on your wedding day?
To be able to enjoy the moment and take in the whole day!

Photo Credit: Barrie Anne Photography

We are so happy to have the opportunity to share such a beautiful engagement with you! Jen is so excited to help Kara and Tanner plan their wedding at Melrose Market in July!

Be happy,


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