Dessert Envy: Wedding Dessert Options!

Cake seems to be the queen bee of the wedding dessert world, but now there are so many options for wedding desserts that are steering away from the traditional wedding cake. Wedding guests love unexpected details, so picking a dessert other than cake (or in addition of!) will make your wedding that much more special!

Below, we have outlined some of our favorite wedding desserts- try not to go into a sugar coma!


Linda Kahle Photography

Cupcakes are a great alternative to a traditional cake. They can look amazingly colorful, like above, and you can have lots of options of frosting and cake for your guests to choose from. Plus, no need to cut the cake- each cupcake is the perfect size for each guest.


Azzura Photography

Pies have become a new and fun wedding dessert! This option has been popular amongst our Perfectly Posh couples, and guests have loved the different option too! Many of our couples have been going to A La Mode Pies in Seattle for their wedding pie catering! They have many different pie options to choose from, like Key Lime, French Apple, Bourbon Butterscotch, Cherry, and many more! They even add a special touch of adding the corresponding fruit next to the pie as decoration (the French Apple pie has apples sitting next to it!).

Cake Pops 

Carly Bish Photography

Cake Pops are ridiculously cute and so fun to eat! Like cupcakes, you can get a variety of flavors, so you can ensure all your guests will get cake pop they enjoy! One Wild Strawberry, a cake pop caterer in the Seattle area, makes super fun and delicious designs, from the round cake pops, to panda bear cake pops! Cake pops range from $2- $5 each, with the suggested serving of 1-2 cake pops per guest! Their most popular flavors are confetti, chocolate and red velvet (yum!).

Candy Bar

Azzura Photography

Having a candy bar is another fun option for dessert. You can have as many candy options, as you like! I have even seen couples coordinate the candy to match their wedding colors. This can be fairly inexpensive too, since you can buy the candy on your own, make the signage, and place it out, rather than having a cater do it all for you. You can even make the candy your wedding favors too! Just place pretty “to go” baggies on the table, so your guests can bring home their favorite candy!

Ice Cream Bar

Seattle Ice Cream Catering|Perfectly Posh Events

Having an ice cream bar is a fun late night dessert to help cool down your guests after some dancing! Seattle Ice Cream Catering offers a great catering service where you can choose from a variety of ice cream flavors and toppings. They even have lactose free, wheat free, sugar free, and non-fat yogurt options that will be sure to please your guests! The catering service will bring 13 ice cream flavors, 13 toppings and supply the spoons and napkins for your event. The ice cream bar is $5.29 per person (if guest count is above 75). Everyone loves ice cream- and it can be a great addition to a traditional cake, or great on its own!

More and more couples are opting for fun and unique wedding desserts, rather than just having a traditional cake! An element of surprise is always a sure way to make your guests have a great time- and why not surprise them with some yummy treats!

Have you had any fun and unique desserts are your wedding that your guests raved about? Let us know- we love having a list of recommendations for our couples!

Here’s to saying “I do!”


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