New Year, New Couples!

It’s 2015 already {can you believe it?} and we are so excited to have so many wonderful couples getting married this year! We will be featuring a few couples each month, introducing you to our 2015 family. Every love story is so special and unique and I want to share with you the stories of how our couples met and got engaged! Help me with welcoming this month’s featured couple Diana + Travis!

Diana + Travis 

Diana and Travis are one of our many fabulous couples in 2015. They have an engagement story that is so romantic, you would see it in the movies! In the summer of 2011, Travis spotted Diana from across the restaurant where she was currently working. Travis was so smitten that he continued going in a couple more times until he mustered up the courage to ask her out {via Facebook}! Fast forward through a few happy years… After a day of work, Diana and Travis’s puppy Penny greeted Diana with a ring around her collar and a note asking Diana to marry Travis! How can a girl not say yes?

Learn a little more about our lovely couple!!

What activities & hobbies do you and your fiancé enjoy in your free-time?
Taking naps, playing with our two cats and two dogs, going to movies, going to/watching sporting events, hanging out with our nieces and nephews, eating.

What is your favorite food?

Travis:  Pizza, Phad See Ew (Thai food)
Diana:  Sushi, Vietnamese food and Korean BBQ

What is your favorite TV show?

T:  Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Modern Family
D:  How I Met Your Mother and The Walking Dead

Describe your fiancé in three adjectives:

T:  Witty, determined and talented
D:  Silly, calm and simple

What is the #1 most important thing to you on your wedding day?

T:  Everyone involved has a memorable and great time.
D:  To remember that it is OUR day.

Photo Credit: Jinda Photography

Diana and Travis remind us that love at first sight definitely does exist! Holly is looking forward to being their wedding planner for their wedding at the Seattle Aquarium in March.   Welcome to our 2015 family!

Stay Happy,

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