Not-So-Planned Weddings

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a vendor for a wedding? There’s always ups and downs, laughs and cries {mostly happy tears!}. We’re always aiming for perfection and most of all to keep the bride, groom, family and friends smiling all night! However sometimes things don’t exactly go as planned. I had a chance to meet with some of our favorite vendors to talk about their most embarrassing moments, funniest memories, and times when they couldn’t do anything else but to laugh! Read below to hear some of the quirkiest of these vendors nights and try not to smile!!

“There are many interesting experiences a young lady encounters in the wedding industry. One might think that working wedding after wedding would get boring or tiresome. However, it’s quite the contrary. Although I find myself at a wedding every weekend, each event comes with it’s own unique style, and it’s own unique set of people to work with. This story is about one such unique person.
A couple years ago I was working on a wedding with mother of the bride. The bride lived out of town and had entrusted her mother to make her floral decisions. On the day of the wedding, the mother greeted me when I came for delivery with warmth and excitement and could hardly wait to see everything set up. She returned a while later just as I put the finishing touches on. So happy was she with what I had created for her dear daughter she exclaimed, “I love it so much, I could just kiss you!” And you know what? She did! It was hilarious and adorable and I will never forget it. Although I’m not looking to get kissed on the head by any other mothers, I do hope that I will continue to make them that happy.”

– Rachel Roth of Butter & Bloom {Florist} 

“Whatever you do on your wedding day, dance your ass off no matter how ridiculous you think you might look! Friends & family feed off of that energy and will thoroughly enjoy the fact that you’re having such a great time.
One of our grooms literally dislocated his kneecap he was kickin it so hard. Uncoincidentally it happened during Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin.” He left his own wedding on a stretcher with a thumbs up and still went on the honeymoon to Hawaii two days later.”

– Marc Sense of Integral Djs {DJ} 

“You never know what may happen when kids are involved in your wedding. We were taking photos of the bridal party at this wedding when the young ring bearer came out of the bathroom with his pants along his ankles. We were photographing right by the bathrooms, and before we knew it, the kiddo was in front of the camera needing help pulling his pants up. It was a great stress break and made for an hilarious story!”

Becca Ellison {Photographer}

Becca Ellison|Perfectly Posh Events

Stay Happy!


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