To Look or Not To Look?

What is a first look?

A “first look” is when the bride and groom have a private moment together before the ceremony. Typically the first look is in a pretty garden, on a gorgeous staircase, or with an amazing view. Either way, the point of the first look to is really take in that moment to be with each other because you walk down the aisle. There are so many nerves leading up to the wedding, and on the day of all you really want is to be with your S.O. This is the perfect time to be together. To take it all in. Let time stop for a moment and be with each other.

Azzura Photography|Perfectly Posh Events

Photo Credit: Azzura Photography

Tradition of not doing a first look

Let’s just jump ahead and admit that times have definitely changed before we get into this topic. We’re all at an understanding that arranged marriages aren’t common in this day and age right? Okay, glad we had that talk. Back in the time of arranged marriages {aka a business deal}, the groom wasn’t allowed to see the bride in case he realized who she was and wanted to call off the wedding. This was also the reasoning for the veil, so the groom couldn’t see her until the last second when the deal was done. Is your heart melting yet? Since this has been a tradition for ages couples have kept the excitement of not seeing each other until the last minute. More and more often, we’re seeing couples do away with waiting until the ceremony and sharing that moment privately since it is a very intimate moment.

Shane Macomber|Perfectly Posh Events

Photo Credit: Shane Macomber

Reasons to do a first look

If photography is high on your priority list, this is probably something that you should consider. Seeing long lost friends and family who have flown in from out of the country are all super exciting and we know you want to get on out there and spend time with them – we want you to too! We also know that gathering family and friends to take those group shots is as we like to call it “like herding cats”. The best man is at the bar while the flower girl is playing with worms. Ok ok everyone smile! Taking those group shots is not for a party with a short attention span so by getting your first look photos and wedding party photos done before the ceremony, that will give everyone much more time to spend time with other guests during cocktail hour.

On another note about photography, depending on the time of day, in order to get those gorgeous sunset shots you may want to consider getting those in before you miss your chance! Natural sunlight is a photographer’s best friend. If your ceremony will last through the sunset, you will already have those amazing daylight shots done!

As I mentioned before, nerves are building up until the big day and who is the one person who sets your mind at ease? Your fiancé! Setting a time for just the two of you before everyone else sees you will give you that moment of excitement in a private setting. Let’s also define what “private” actually means in this situation. Accompanying you and your fiancé are your photographer and videographer so they can capture this beautiful moment. You can also choose to have your parents, wedding party, or really whoever to be there to share this time with you!

Clane Gessel Photography|Perfectly Posh Events

Photo Credit: Clane Gessel Photography

Although you would have to wake up a little earlier and be ready earlier than usually anticipated, this will give you a more flexible timeline once the ceremony is over. You will get a chance to actually enjoy those appetizers you picked out, have more one and one time with your loved ones, and not have to constantly be pulled by your photographer to take more photos.

Another important reason to have a first look is of course the hair and makeup! Once you are done getting beautified, you can take all of your first look photos, wedding party photos, family photos, etc. and your hair and makeup team can hang tight until right before your ceremony to freshen you up so that you look your best for photos and while walking down the aisle!

Cheri Pearl Photography|Perfectly Posh Events

Photo Credit: Cheri Pearl Photography

Reasons to not do a first look

It is completely priceless to have your friends and family share that special moment with you and your fiance when you see each other for the first time as you’re walking down the aisle! Emotions are soaring and you are surrounded by the people you love the most to support your marriage!

After the ceremony, emotions are soaring!! Your photographer will snap the most precious photos of you two sharing that incredible feeling of marrying your best friend. You will naturally have a glow immediately afterward!

There are alternatives to capturing those adorable photos of the two of you before the ceremony without seeing each other. One way to get a great photo while showing all the excitement before walking down the aisle is to write a love letter to each other and having your photographer capture your reaction and emotion while reading it. This is a great idea because you will definitely want to keep those letters for the rest of your life to revisit the amount of love in the air on your wedding day. Another alternative is by being blindfolded or around a corner like this photo. This amazing moment shows how you can still be together without revealing the dress or risking any bad juju.

La Vie Photography|Perfectly Posh Events

Photo Credit: La Vie Photography

Deciding whether or not to do the first look isn’t always an easy decision, but always be sure to discuss the benefits of both options with your fiance. Your wedding planner and photographer are great resources to help with this decision!! Tell us your story on what you decided to do for your wedding!!

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