Weddings Through the Decades

Over the decades, the wedding industry has evolved immensely. While some trends are considered as vintage, others have become a tradition we’ve become accustomed to. We all have our own personal style which is beautiful in it’s own way. My absolute favorite thing about planning weddings is to be apart of the happiest moment of a person’s life. A close second is meeting each couple and learning the overall style and theme they want to emulate for the big day. No two weddings are identical thanks to past and present inspirations and personal sentimental details. Which decade trends fit your personal style for your wedding?

Queen Victoria’s wedding dress was everything but traditional. Women starting following her luxurious and fashion forward style by wearing blush and champagne colored dresses. Music and photography were introduced to wedding receptions changing the way all weddings would be in the future. During the depression era, brides got creative by putting together their most formal ensembles. Usually these were floral or patterned tea length dress and extravagant hats in place of veils. Art deco receptions also became very popular during this time of the century.

Mle Jayne Photography|Perfectly Posh Events

Photo Credit: Mle Jayne Photography

Bride’s who were soon to be wed to soldiers had little to no time to prepare. This introduced the trendy knee-length dresses and informal receptions. Men’s wedding rings became very popular during this time to reminisce of their new wives while they were off at war. Shoe’s were a huge focal point of the bride’s attire. The sweetheart neckline was a new trend thanks to the lovely Elizabeth Taylor. Elegant, classic, traditional, and formal were the keywords for planning and designing the weddings during this era.

La Vie Photography|Perfectly Posh Events

Photo Credit: La Vie Photography

Flower power meets the space age. Centerpieces and bouquets always included daisy’s and bridal gowns consisted of empire waist lines with a splash of metallics. Brides brought back past trends from the early 1900’s and recreating them to make them more modern and fashionable, introducing what we now know as the “DIY Bride”.

Kristen Honeycutt Photography|Perfectly Posh Events

Photo Credit: Kristen Honeycutt Photography

Princess Dianna was the wedding trend setter during this time. Pop culture had a huge influence in the wedding industry. Brides wanted to emulate their favorite actresses in the wedding movies they loved. Destination weddings and eloping found it’s way into the industry along with videography. The typical wedding included gold accents, dramatic veils and trains, and tall layered cakes.

Stephanie Cristalli Photography|Perfectly Posh Events

Photo Credit: Stephanie Cristalli Photography

Outdoor weddings are a favorite ceremony location while ceremonies held in a church or temple are becoming less popular. In turn more and more brides are wearing strapless dresses and gowns that complement their figure. Styles range from bohemian dresses to red carpet worthy gowns. Pinterest has a huge impact on today’s DIY bride along with popular wedding blogs and social media.

Lucid Captures Photography|Perfectly Posh Events

Photo Credit: Lucid Captures Photography

What will the next decade bring to the wedding industry? How have you interpreted your favorite decade trends into your wedding?

Stay Happy!

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