Welcome to our Family Toni and Austin!

It’s incredible how our paths cross with certain people and they take our breath away. There’s a chemistry that no one can explain that brings two people together. Toni and Austin share one of those amazing stories! They met back in 2011 when Toni’s cousin brought her boyfriend and his friend {Austin} to her family’s Thanksgiving dinner. The boys wouldn’t be able to fly home for the holidays so they were generously invited so they wouldn’t have to eat alone. Both Toni and Austin were in relationships but would cross paths every now and then when Toni’s cousin was around. When they were both on the market again, Austin flew up to see Toni on her birthday and have been dating ever since! Toni grew up in Seattle near Parson’s Garden on Queen Anne which was a sentimental place in her heart. Austin and Toni took their dog for a walk in the park which was where Austin got down on one knee and pulled out a beautiful ring out of his cowboy boot!

Get to know Toni and Austin a little more…

How you would describe your “Couple Style”?
Comfortable, easy going, and fun loving. We truly just enjoy being around each other and always keep each other laughing. Our sports backgrounds and love for food always leave us with something to do together!

What has been your inspiration while planning your wedding?
Austin: A great party for the guests
Toni: Simple, classic, & timeless

What is your favorite sweet treat?
A: Vanilla Ice Cream with rainbow sprinkles
T: Dark chocolate or cheesecake

What is the #1 most important thing to you on your wedding day?
A: That everyone has a good time and sees our love for each other.
T: Our vows and time with each other.

Photo Credit: O’Malley Photography

Holly is SO excited to help get Toni and Austin hitched in May at the Fairmont!! Please join me with welcoming Toni and Austin to our 2015 family!

Stay Happy,

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