Meet the Planners!!

When we knew we wanted to have a website makeover, we thought – hey! We should get makeovers too! Let’s be honest ladies… who doesn’t like to be pampered and feel pretty while drinking champagne? This goes down in the books as possibly the most fun office day! Even baby Elle made an adorable appearance and was an angel the entire time!!

The ladies at Salon Maison did an amazing job with our hair and make up! Each gal from our team has a different style and the stylists knew exactly what we each wanted. They are always such a pleasure to work with, are quick, and especially are great with brides!

Our new neighbor and fabulous photographer Nikki Closser did such an amazing job behind the camera. It really makes a difference when your photographer makes you feel natural and comfortable. She made all of us feel at ease and most of all have a fun time while we drank champagne and were showered with confetti! Nikki specializes in headshots and portraits but also captures those special moments during weddings.

Thank you Salon Maison and Nikki Closser for such a fun day and making us feel beautiful!! Check out the result of what happens when you combine confetti and champagne!

Be happy,