Engaged: Emily + Darren

Introducing (drum roll please)… Emily and Darren! The tale of how Emily and Darren came to be is a modern love story starting with their meeting on an online dating website. Though it took awhile for them to finally connect in person due to their busy schedules, they finally met face to face in the romantic location of… a gross dive bar in Phinney Ridge. Now, it may not seem like the ideal place to meet your soul mate, but the two transformed it into their special place and now revisit it on their anniversaries. Following their meeting, with the ultimate sign of modern love, the two agreed to take down their online profiles. If you are doubting Darren’s romantic abilities because of the first date, doubt no more because a year later on a trip to Italy, Darren proposed on a gondola ride under the Rialto Bridge in Venice and ensured that a hidden photographer captured the moment.

Kimberly Kay Photography

Read on to hear some more fun facts about our couple…  

What activities & hobbies do you and your fiancé enjoy in your free-time?

We are foodies so we love to go to new restaurants together…we always order 2 dishes and then we each eat half and switch so we get to try more things.  We like to go hiking together and bring our chocolate lab.  We love to travel together and always seem to meet crazy people and have unforgettable experiences no matter the circumstances.  We love to just do nothing together sometimes….we have a pretty crazy life with 2 boys and a dog and so we really cherish our alone cuddle time.

How you would describe your “Couple Style”? 

We are totally silly but also intensely connected and deeply in love.  We are very open and free with each other and it shows in the way we communicate and work together in a partnership.

Describe your fiancé in three adjectives:

              Darren: Timelessly-beautiful, compassionate, playful

              Emily:  Sensitive, loving, selfless

What would you love to see at your wedding?

Darren:  My guests being treated like royalty

Emily: Flowers, flowers and more flowers and a macaroon tower

I hope you enjoyed getting to know our couple Emily and Darren! Holly is excited to see them tie the knot at Sodo Park in August!

Wishing you a happily ever after!