Be Memorable with Unique Wedding Entertainment!

When thinking about the main event of a wedding (beyond the ceremony, of course!), people usually start thinking of what band or DJ they want to hire. However, there are actually more options for entertainment than one would think! Take a look at the list below if you want some fun, interactive ideas for entertainment on your wedding day!

1. Dueling Pianos

La Vie Photography | April Greer Photography | La Vie Photography

Vendor love: Jeff and Rhiannon at Noteworthy Productions
Price estimate: $3,200-$3,500

Dueling pianos are the perfect substitute for a DJ or band because they handle all the MCing and music necessary for dancing. They bring two grand pianos to your reception, take song requests from your guests, and then energize the crowd to dance and sing along.

They say “it is a great mix for those guests who enjoy a dance party, and those who would rather observe,” and, as an awkward dancer myself, I definitely see the value in this! This is something pretty different that most people haven’t seen, so it is sure to make your wedding memorable and talked about, and who knows, your wedding could end up on Youtube or something! Some of their most memorable wedding moments were an Elvis dance-off competition and “performing on the back of a flatbed trailer being towed by a tractor” at a country themed wedding. Go check out their website for some fun videos of their performances!

2. Magician

Dani Weiss Photography | Carver Images | Photo Elan

Vendor love: Nash Fung
Price estimate: $600-$1500

A magician may seem cheesy or tacky for a wedding, but not the way Nash does it! He brings a classy touch to magicanry. He entertains your guest during cocktail hour by making them laugh and brings them together by creating the ultimate interactive experience. He describes his entertainment technique as “lighting candles on a birthday cake:” once one candle is lit you use it to light the rest and so on, just as the laughter in a room with Nash Fung is contagious. He even assisted with a proposal once by pretending to be a friend of friend and then magically making a ring appear while the groom popped out of nowhere!

3. Slow-Mo Video

Vendor love: Seattle Slow Motion Company
Price Estimate: $2,500

Everyone seems to have a photo booth at their event these days, but something that is a little more unique and less well-known is slow motion videos! They bring all the equipment and props, record fun videos, and then give you a private link to your edited slow-mo video to share with your guests.

The company was started by a newlywed couple themselves, so they knew firsthand how quickly one’s wedding day goes by. They literally wanted to slow it down and “capture [the] blink-of-the-eye moments that you might otherwise miss.” Slow motions booths capture these little, easy-to-miss moments; “you see these wonderfully natural smiles, laughs, and expressions that you can’t get anywhere else.” With this technological driven world, this company provides the perfect solution for what all your guests want— to update all their social media accounts (they do instant editing and posting to make this easy for you and your guests). It makes for fun memories and entertainment, as well as a unique, modern party favor. Check out their Instagram {seattleslowmotion} and website for a glimpse of their fun videos! 

4. Games

Sasha Reiko | Azzura Photography

It may not be as fancy as the other options, and perhaps not formal enough for your design scheme, but games are a fun way to bring people together and turn up the energy! For any outdoor wedding, yard games like croquet, bocce ball, giant Yahtzee, horseshoes, corn-hole, giant Jenga, and ladder golf are fun for kids and adults alike. Create a fun atmosphere on your wedding day, while stocking up on games for your home! Here are a couple customizable ideas from Etsy:

Cornhole: $200 from  OregonCraftandToys | Jenga: $85 from YourWeddingProject |

For a more urban or indoor wedding consider renting a vintage pool table or classic arcade game for some friendly competition! Other indoor-friendly games are customizable activities that work well for a ceremony, while guests are waiting for their food, or for a kids table: MadLibs, a “Bride or Groom?” fact sheet, ISpy, Family “Guess Who?” or Bingo.

Pool Table: $595

Kornerpocket Billardz | Perfectly Posh Events

Kornerpocket Billardz

OneFabDay | Mike Carreiro Photography and Something Turquoise (creator)

Whether your wedding is indoor or outdoor, upscale or casual, adding an interactive activity for your guests is sure to create an entertaining night! Extra or alternative entertainment can provide some relief to dancing and mingling, while simultaneously creating a memorable evening!

Wishing you a happily ever after!