Savvy Wedding Business Advice

Welcome to a new blog series called Bliss +  Savvy where I will be sharing savvy business advice for wedding planners and creatives who want bliss in both business and life.  This series was inspired by the multiple requests a week that I get from aspiring wedding planners and experienced wedding professionals who want to take their businesses to the next level or are simply seeking advice.  I LOVE talking to ambitious ladies about their business goals and learning about their dreams but unfortunately I don’t have enough time to meet with everyone who reaches out because I also have to focus my time and energy on my couples.  As a result, Bliss + Savvy was created and I can’t wait to use this blog series along with my Savvy Wedding Business Mentorship and Consulting Programs to provide inspiration, honest advice and encouragement to creative entrepreneurs in the wedding industry!

{Photos by O’Malley Photography and Amelia Soper Photography} 

The wedding industry is unique in the sense that it has a relatively low barrier to entry, which means that a lot of people who are passionate about different aspects of weddings can enter the industry and start businesses with relatively little hoops to jump through.  Passion is definitely an essential part of being a boss lady but in order to stand out and have a successful career you need to put some savvy business skills into play as well! Whether you are just starting out on the path to running your own business or if you have several years under your belt but want to figure out how to take your business to the next level, I hope you enjoy reading the Bliss + Savvy Blog Series and that it can become a resource for you and your wedding business!

Here’s a little about my history and how I got to be here…

Wedding Planner Holly Patton of Perfectly Posh Events.  Photo by Nikki Closser Photography.

Photo by Nikki Closser Photography

Having grown up with a family business in the event industry, I have an ingrained
entrepreneurial spirit, a keen understanding about the hospitality/event industry and a passion for small businesses.  As a child, I was always finding ways to start new business ventures – from being the sough-after babysitter in the neighborhood, to creating a lawn care company and employing my younger brothers to do all the manual labor, to buying items at the Dollar Store and reselling them to my friends at school for more than double the price {ok…that last one might have gotten me in trouble with the Principal}…you get the point!  Therefore, it was only natural that I would grow up and go to college to study business management, marketing and finance.  After graduating from business school and managing a small company for five years, I decided to take the leap of faith to start my own wedding planning business.  Over five years later, my company Perfectly Posh Events has grown into a successful and award-winning company with a fabulous team of wedding coordinators by my side!  The past five years have been full of opportunities {some great, some not so great}, challenges, and lots of learning.  My goal is to write an open and honest blog series that takes what I have learned and share it with my fellow wedding professionals and creative boss ladies who want to be savvy with their business and career choices.  Ok, enough about me, it’s time to pour yourself a glass of bubbly, toast to your savvy business, and start reading!



P.S.  My hope is that Bliss + Savvy can grow into a community of wedding professionals who can support and inspire each other!  One of the biggest things I’ve learned as a wedding business owner is that it’s better for your business to create friendships than to create competitors {look for a post on this later!}.  Please feel free to comment, share your opinions, provide advice for fellow boss ladies and ask for me to address topics that you’d like to learn about.  Follow the series on Instagram @blissandsavvy

P.P.S.  If you are interested in kick starting your dream or taking your wedding business to the next level, I highly recommend you check out my Savvy Wedding Business mentorship programs 😉

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