Pantone 2016 Color of the Year: Rose Quartz & Serenity

As we bid farewell to the stunning Pantone 2015 Color of the Year, “Marsala”, we have new and exciting things to look forward to in 2016. This year, for the first time, Pantone announced the pairing of two colors to be the highly anticipated 2016 Color of the Year! We are proud to share with you, the colors everyone will frantically search for and welcome onto their Pinterest boards this coming year! Introducing “Rose Quartz” & “Serenity”.



“Rose Quartz” and “Serenity” are beautiful and soft tones that will bring out the peace, love, and tranquility in a wedding. The colors were selected just for that reason: to reflect connection and wellness with order and peace.

Dusty blue succulents and soft blue hydrangeas are an excellent way to incorporate “Serenity” into your bouquet and overall wedding design. Another way to incorporate “Serenity” would be to find a fun pair of shoes– there’s your “something blue”! Soft, pink bridesmaids dresses, jewelry, or blush roses and peonies are chic, yet understated ways to incorporate “Rose Quartz” intro the overall look of your big day.

Don’t forget how excited your makeup artist is going to be to incorporate these colors into your “look”! The blending and mixing of these two colors will look stunning on virtually every skin tone! The soft and cool contrast will give for a subtle statement on the eyes, and the “Rose Quartz” will serve as a beautiful color for your pout. Whether it be beauty, fashion, floral, or overall design, we think you will be able to spot the Color(s) of the Year in almost every aspect of next year’s nuptials.

If you’re still not sold on “Rose Quartz” & “Serenity”, consider adding other complementary colors to your palette to provide a bit of variety. From smokey grays, to deep purples, or even a pop of a soft lime green, there are so many different ways to incorporate both colors into a larger color palette to give your wedding a calm, cool, and collected feel–who doesn’t want their big day to feel that way?! Feast your eyes on the variety of color combinations that “Serenity” and “Rose Quartz” were made for!


If you’re still not convinced, here’s some real wedding inspiration you can fill your Pinterest boards with.

Photo Credit | Mastin Studios

We hope this brings you inspiration on this Monday morning! Let us know what you think of the Color(s) of the Year and how you’re going to incorporate them into your wedding! Reach out to us on Twitter | @posh_weddings

Until next time!



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