Engaged: Tara + Steve

We are elated to have Tara + Steve’s New Year’s Eve wedding to wrap up 2015 and ring in the new year! What a way to welcome in 2016!

Here’s how the couple met, in Tara + Steve’s words!

“We started working together in 2012 and finally got together in the summer of 2013 after a lot of office flirting. Because of the work issue, we dated in secret and only told close friends for the first 10 months of our relationship. Now that we have ‘come out’, it’s been a whirlwind of traveling, house searching and enjoying our time together!

Steve took me to Maui for my birthday in October and treated me to a morning of breakfast and spa treatments. Afterwards, he dropped down to one knee and popped the question with a photographer in the distance. We celebrated that night by going to a romantic Luau! Truly a birthday to remember.”

Seattle engagement | Seattle couple's Hawaiian proposal | Penny Palmer Photography | Perfectly Posh Events

Get to know Tara + Steve a bit more!

What activities & hobbies do you and your fiancé enjoy in your free-time?

We love coming home and cooking together while listening to music and drinking wine. We are also frequent Seattle happy hour enthusiasts 🙂 On weekends, we love exploring parts of Seattle whether its a new coffee shop, farmers market or even an outdoor park. We also try to travel at least once a month and have recently vacationed in London, Napa, Los Angeles, Whidbey Island, Orlando and the Bahamas.

What is your favorite sweet treat?

His: Strawberry Cheesecake Ben & Jerry’s.

Hers: Snickerdoodles.

What three items would you have if you were stranded on a desert island?

His: Tara, Tara and Tara.  But if she can’t come, Gin, a Grand Piano, and PG Tips Tea (with milk).

Hers: An iPad with Candy Crush, yoga mat, and a French Bulldog to play with!

Seattle engagement | Seattle couple's Hawaiian proposal | Penny Palmer Photography | Perfectly Posh Events

In your home, how do you normally choose to eat, drink and be merry?

His: Normally:  Cook together, and drink wine.  Or go out, and drink wine.  Wine not optional.

Hers: Meals are really collaborative. We both spend time coming up with weekly menus, and we both grocery shop together. When cooking in the kitchen we are both theres switching off between chef and sous-chef duties!

How would you describe the feelof your wedding?

His: A winter wonderland extravaganza bringing together of two great families and their friends; brought about by two people that were destined to be together, forever.

Hers: A glamourous and elegant NYE wedding that wows!

What would you love to see at your wedding?

His: Our families and friends meeting and having the best NYE and wedding they have ever been to.

Hers: Having our different families and friends mingling together and everyone dancing.

Seattle engagement | Seattle couple's Hawaiian proposal | Penny Palmer Photography | Perfectly Posh Events

Congratulations, Tara + Steve! Holly is so excited to ring in the new year with you and your loved ones!

Until next time!


Photo Credit | Penny Palmer Photography

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