3 Ways to Incorporate Social Media into Your Wedding

In this day and age, it feels like second nature to share our daily activities on our social media, so why should our wedding day be any different!?

This is why we are excited to give you some fun and creative ways you can incorporate social media into your wedding fay festivities!

Three Ways to Incorporate Social Media into Your Wedding | Perfectly Posh Events Blog Post | Perfectly Posh Events |

1.} Instagram Hashtags

Three Ways to Incorporate Social Media into Your Wedding | Perfectly Posh Events | Instagram Logo

Logo Credit | Instagram.com

We know hashtags aren’t anything new, but Instagram and their hashtags are alive and well, and don’t seem to be going anywhere–especially for weddings! For those who still aren’t quite sure what hashtags are for, we will give you a brief re-cap. Hashtags are used in the most popular social media platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram, and now Facebook. What makes them special is that any word or phrase that is turned into a hashtag is now a searchable link. It’s a way to organize and track content, and in Instagram’s case, track photos that are all related. For weddings, this is done by guests using the couple’s custom hashtag they made up for their big day that they include when posting their Instagram photos.

When you search that custom hashtag on Instagram, all photos anyone posted on Instagram, using that hashtag will show up!

Three Ways to Incorporate Social Media into Your Wedding | Perfectly Posh Events | Instagram Search Screenshot

Photo Credit | Instagram.com

Your wedding from the view of your guests is a unique perspective that Instagram offers! Some get really creative when coming up with their own hashtag. It’s usually a play on the couple’s names, the groom’s last name, or a phrase. So get creative!

*Tip: Make sure no one has used your hashtag before you by doing a quick search on Instagram! If there are no search results, your hashtag is golden and ready to be used for your special day!

2.} Snapchat Geo Filters

Three Ways to Incorporate Social Media into Your Wedding | Perfectly Posh Events | Snapchat Logo

Logo Credit | Snapchat.com

Snapchat may be a brave new world you have yet to embark on, but in our {humble} opinion, it is the latest and greatest platform couples can utilize when trying to be creative and engaging with social media! The reason Snapchat is so great, is because it is a conduit for raw, authentic footage and photos from an event or moment that doesn’t have the pressure from other platforms to look or be “picture perfect”. Its authenticity and real-time qualities are what make this a unique option.

We have seen couples utilize the real-time video and photo content “Snapchatters” post and send to include a customized “geo filter” specially designed for their wedding day! Not sure what a geo filter is? Check this link.

Geo filters are a fun and out-of-the-box way for your guests to share their memories from your wedding to their “story”! From them arriving and showing their excitement for your day, a snapshot of your first dance on the dance floor,a video of you two cutting the cake, it’s a great way for guests to post a unique “snap” that lets their followers know where they’re at and what they’re doing!

If you’re interested in having a custom geo filter at your big day, click here to get started in creating your own geo filter.

*Tip: Be sure to have signage and announcements throughout the night to inform guests you have a geo filter! If they’re “Snapchatters”, they’ll know what to do! Fun fact: According to Snapchat.com, “More than 60% of U.S.13 to 34 year-old smartphone users are Snapchatters.”

3.} Facebook Live

Three Ways to Incorporate Social Media into Your Wedding | Perfectly Posh Events | Facebook Logo

Logo Credit | Facebook.com

If Snapchat isn’t your thing, we’ve got another trending alternative that we’ve noticed is taking our Facebook feeds by storm: Facebook Live. We like the potential this powerful and influential platform is already having in the world of weddings! Couples {and planners!} are posting live “broadcasts” throughout their wedding planning journey! From cake tastings, choosing items for their registry, linen selections, invitation design options, the list goes on, even right up to the wedding day! What makes these “broadcasts” different than Snapchat and Instagram, is because it’s live, people can watch and leave comments and remarks of whatever it is you’re doing in real time! They can give you feedback, encouragement, or suggestions on the fly!  Its closest competitor is Periscope, but we think because of how popular Facebook is {your Aunt Ethel in the UK probably has one!}, it is the better platform to use if you’re looking to have a bigger number of viewers.

Another perk of Facebook Live is you are able to broadcast to a private group! If you’re utilizing Facebook instead of a wedding website to communicate information, Facebook Live would be a great addition to your group, especially for those who have to celebrate with you from afar but want to still feel a part of your big day! Here’s how to share a Live Facebook video to a group.

Three Ways to Incorporate Social Media into Your Wedding | Perfectly Posh Events | Facebook Profile Screenshot

Photo Credit | Facebook.com

If you aren’t afraid to share your wedding memories to your whole world of Facebook, here’s how to share a live Facebook video to your profile.

*Tip: You can only do Facebook Live via the iOS Facebook app or the Android app!

We hope one of these platforms and their unique offerings are a good fit for you and your wedding shenanigans!

Until next time!


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