Holly was an amazing wedding planner!! Not only did she do so much of the prep work for the wedding but when it came down to the two weeks before and all the chaos that can ensue, she took care of everything. She is reliable and works very hard. Although you might not see her much of the day of your wedding, when you walk into your ceremony and reception, you will realize just how hard she has been working to make the decor flawless and to coordinate every single detail and vendor.. It is amazing to hire great vendors and then have someone who takes care of everything afterwards. Any changes I made in numbers or in design, she communicated and coordinated with each vendor. She is a veteran at this. Also, she is a great wedding designer and pushed me to dream of beautiful installations that I didn’t even know were humanly possible to create. Holly is not cheap but if you have the money for it, Holly will remove ALL unnecessary stress and make your day a success 100%. It is amazing to actually enjoy your wedding! So many brides don’t get the opportunity to do that and I can say that I completely enjoyed the day and had so much fun and so much of that was because of Holly and her team.

Eliana + Andrew {The Lodge by Herban Feast}